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Teckwrap HTV - Cool Blue Metallic Chrome

Teckwrap HTV - Cool Blue Metallic Chrome

VAT Included

Teckwrap Craft’s Mirror Chrome HTV is a DIY crafters’ and professional designers’ utmost delight. The magnificent vinyl film has a reflective mirror-like chrome effect with a lustrous shimmer that promises to transform any mundane and otherwise sombre bag, outfit, home décor, craft, decal, or cushion cover into an eye-catching piece of superb workmanship. Though the vinyl is shiny to look at, it gleams resplendently like a mirror does when light falls on it.  

Our mirror chrome HTV is a special thermo-adhesive film that comes in a 12ft roll in four amazing colours namely lilac, royal pink, emerald green, and cool blue. It is durable, highly flexible and is easy to cut, weed and transfer. It has a clear PET backing that makes weeding easy, efficient and time-saving. It is compatible with all craft cutters and is best suited for cotton, linen, polyester, cotton/poly blends, acrylic and similar fabrics. It is eco-friendly hence perfectly safe to wear.

The mirror chrome HTV transfers onto the fabric without any hassle. Once you have cut the mirror image of the design of your choice, place it on the fabric with a parchment paper on top. Do not apply heat directly to the vinyl. If using a heat press, set the temperature to 150°C then apply medium pressure for 15 seconds. Remove the liner when warm and voila! A perfect, super reflective, eye-catching design is ready to behold, amplifying the wow factor of your apparel.  

In order to get the best out of the mirror chrome HTV, it is imperative not to wash the fabric on which it is applied for 24 hours. When you feel the need after the time has lapsed, wash it by hand only inside out. Do not dry clean or tumble dry. Iron the garment inside out as well so the vinyl may last long.

When it comes to impeccable shimmery designs that give a flashy look to any surface they are applied to, our premium quality mirror chrome HTV is definitely the best choice!          



  • Roll size: 5ft
  • Colors: Cool Blue, Emerald Green, Royal Pink, and Lilac.
  • Durable, high-quality PU vinyl that is resistant to harsh elements.
  • Easy to cut and weed with zero hassle and clutter.
  • Compatible with most craft cutters.
  • Strong adhesion yet gentle to all compatible fabric surfaces.
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