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Teckwrap Colourful Pearl - Orange

Teckwrap Colourful Pearl - Orange

VAT Included

TeckWrap Colourful Pearl 


Colorful pearl adhesive vinyl that has glitter and comes in eight different colors, along with easy weeding and a slightly textured surface. The vinyl will feature vibrant and eye-catching colors with a pearl finish. The pearlescent effect gives them a lustrous and shimmering appearance. The vinyl may have glitter particles embedded within the material, adding a touch of sparkle to your designs. The glitter can enhance the overall visual appeal and create a dazzling effect when light hits the surface. These types of vinyl are commonly used for crafts, DIY projects, and creating custom designs.   

Our colorful pearl adhesive vinyl is durable and waterproof. It is thin and flexible with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is easy to cut, weed and transfer onto any smooth, hard surface. Just bring your creativity into play and make amazing designs with this vinyl. It is compatible with all craft cutters and one can easily weed away extra vinyl hence you can also make intricate designs with it. The process is simple - apply yellow grid transfer tape over the vinyl using a squeegee to smooth it out. There should be no creases or air bubbles trapped between the sheet and the vinyl. Peel the backing and stick the decal to the surface of your choice. Remove the transfer sheet and your perfect craft is all ready to behold!


Compatible with yellow grid tape

sold in 12" x 5ft, A4 sheet

Permanent Vinyl ( self adhesive)

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