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Teckwrap HTV -  Holographic Shimmer Dark Grey

Teckwrap HTV - Holographic Shimmer Dark Grey

VAT Included


Introducing our latest product: the Holographic Shimmer Heat Transfer Vinyl! This premium heat transfer vinyl is specifically designed to bring a stunning holographic shimmer effect to your fabrics and garments. The material is soft, stretchy, and super thin, allowing for easy weeding and quick transfer onto your desired garments.

Experience the enchantment of our Holographic Shimmer Heat Transfer Vinyl and infuse your projects with a captivating holographic effect. Get ready to make a statement with every design!


  • Size: 12"x5ft roll (0.305*1.55m)
  • Best metallic heat transfer vinyl for cotton fabric surfaces 
  • Vibrant and iridescent colors
  • Strong waterproof adhesion 
  • Smooth, glossy finish
  • Easy cutting and weeding 
  • Flexible material that can be carved to any shape, size, letter, or figure 
  • Easy handling and use for DIY artists 
  • Suitable for a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more.
  • Impressive durability even after multiple washes 
  • High-quality, premium color shades that won’t ever fade
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